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    Bending compensation and intelligent bending of CNC bending machine in actual operation
    日期:2020-01-17 09:27:46    阅读量:3692

            Die bending is usually completed on the bending machine. Workers or robots are required to assist in the bending process. The bending accuracy depends on the proficiency of the technicians or the quality of the robot. This bending method is widely used in the production of small parts with single product types and simple technology.

            Due to the uneven material, it is difficult to accurately bend according to the calculated theoretical value during bending, so it is necessary to compensate the bending angle. The angle sensor provides support for bending angle compensation. The use of angle sensor can reduce the influence of processing materials on bending angle, so as to improve the stability of bending accuracy. The device has been widely used as a standard accessory of bending machine.


            The application of intelligent bending is sensing technology, which can obtain the information required by the workpiece bending through the sensing action before, during and after the bending, and carry out automatic compensation and automatic confirmation feedback. For example, the deflection compensation device is born for the bending machine, so is the bending angle compensation, but in fact, the equipment without deflection compensation function is the most ideal equipment.

            Well Industrial Equipment thinks that the inhomogeneity of material determines the unevenness of bending products, and it is the most ideal to collect these heterogeneous information before bending. Because of the tension in the material, it is the most ideal to control the warping deformation of the plate in the bending process. According to their accumulated experience and body feeling, the craftsman's union can make compensation operation, so as to "intelligently" create excellent products. This is exactly "craftsman's skill = craftsman's skill", and only bending intelligence can replace these craftsmanship's skills.


            Bending automation can solve the problem of shortage of personnel. It is complementary to the intelligent bending. However, from the perspective of bending automation, the universal 6-axis robot bending system is only one of the cases. Bending machine is widely used in kitchen equipment, office furniture, building steel structure, automobile, electronic equipment and other industries. For the small batch and multi variety production mode of these industries, the use of universal 6-axis robot bending system is still very limited.

            There are many ways to realize bending automation. If a 6-axis robot bending system is used, the key points should be robot programming, flexible blanking and stacking, and automatic compensation and confirmation of bending intelligentization. At present, bending automation can check and confirm the situation before and during the bending process, but there is almost no automatic inspection of finished products after bending, so the application of automatic and semi-automatic bending still needs a certain time.