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    be careful! These must be paid attention to when using the polisher
    日期:2020-01-15 08:42:53    阅读量:2782


            If you want to use the trowel machine well, you must understand the blade. Its quality is directly related to the effect of concrete troweling. The trowel of the trowel machine often rubs with the concrete surface when it is used for a period of time, and it is inevitable to wear and tear after using for a period of time. Therefore, the blade should be replaced after a period of use.



            When we choose, we should first look at the material of the blade. If the material is too soft, it will easily deform when using, which will cause uneven phenomenon. So we must choose those materials with high rigidity and strength.

            And you should choose those materials wear-resistant blade, because the friction of concrete is large, if the blade is not wear-resistant, it will be damaged if the blade is not used for a long time. It is also necessary to ensure that the size of the blade is basically the same, and it must be balanced when rotating.



            Precautions for operation of finishing machine:

            1. Before use, check whether the motor, electrical switch, cable and wiring are normal and conform to regulations, and install leakage protector.

            2. Before use, the sundries on the wiping plate should be checked and cleaned to avoid the whole machine jumping.

            3. After the power supply is turned on, the blade should rotate clockwise and should not be reversed.

            4. The operators should wear insulating shoes and gloves. The cables should be carried by the auxiliary personnel. The auxiliary personnel should also wear insulating shoes and gloves. Pay attention to prevent electric shock caused by the damage of cable insulation layer.

            5. In case of failure of the polishing machine, it is necessary to stop the machine and cut off the power supply before maintenance.

            6. The troweling machine should be stored in a dry, clean and free of corrosive gases. The handle should be placed at the specified position. Rough handling is not allowed during transfer.

            No matter what kind of finishing machine is, we must pay attention to these operation matters to ensure construction safety and reduce unnecessary consumption. The construction speed is faster and the operation is more convenient. The important thing is that the ground effect is more uniform, smooth and beautiful.